10 child friendly things to see and do

We're located only just over an hour from the Sydney CBD, so the first bonus for parents is the the number of "are we there yet" calls is limited. 

Here's just 10 things the kids will love about Cross Park:

1. Arrange a pony ride

Our ponies just love carrots and apples and cuddles. We have 4 gorgeous and friendly ponies. Children just love visiting them. For those that want to get even more involved and have the opportunity to ride one of our ponies. At Cross Park you can have a fun and safe pony experience for your children 

Cost: $30 per 30min lead line pony rides (max 2 children per session) which includes saddlery and safety helmet.

2. Swimming in the pool

Our 12-metre pool always attracts the children. It's such a beautiful place to splash about in summer months. Most of the children that stay with us seem to spend most of their time in the water. 

Please note that as a country property our pool is not required to be fenced. Children must be supervised at all times. 


3. Picnics at the beach and splashing about in the river

Cross Park is located on 3 kilometres of water front. We even have our own private beach. This means children can play in the sand and splash about in the shallow waters of the river. We have a BBQ and a fire pit at the beach along with kayaks and fishing rods, so it's the perfect way to spend the day at the beach - all without ever leaving the property!

4. Collecting eggs from the chickens

Our Heritage Bred Chickens are free range and love to roam the whole farm. You will often receive a visit from our chickens during your stay. They return to the chicken house each evening. Children can come and collect your breakfast eggs each morning and if they bring your food scraps with them, the chickens will love them forever.


5. Stroking the bunny rabbits and guinea pigs

We have a lovely little fur-family of guinea pigs and rabbits living at Cross Park. These little creatures are often loved by guests, especially the children. We are more than happy for children to sit and pat them, with a Cross Park staff member there to supervise. Guests can arrange a time when they arrive. 

6. Feeding the goats and for the braver children, getting up close and personal with an Angus Cow

Our goats have personalities too good to miss. They are very vocal and will demand all your attention. When you take your walk to the beach, keep a look out for our goat paddock (hard to miss them) and stop to say hello to the funny little characters.

Not every farm you visit has a big affectionate Angus Cow you can get up close and personal with. We raised an orphan calf 6 years ago and now ‘T-Bone’ is a favourite with our guests, especially when she seeks out pats, cuddles and treats. She roams freely with the rest of the cattle herd.

7. Collecting veggies from the veggie patch

We are avid gardeners and have a well stocked veggie patch. 

8. Exploring the farm on our welcome tour

When guests first arrive we offer a tour of the farm on our buggy. This is the perfect chance to get your bearings and work out all of the animals and areas of the farm to explore during your stay. Children always seem to love the chance to explore off-road on our farm buggy. 


9. Toasting marshmallows on the open fire-pit 

The open fire pit is close to the homestead and the perfect spot for an evening under the stars. And wow do we have a lot of stars - teaching children about the constellations is a great way to spend an evening. The fire pit is the perfect spot for marshmallow toasting and / or making 'S'mores' - we've not come across many children who don't enjoy 

10. Pats and cuddles with the resident farm dogs

Cross Park has 3 resident farm dogs. They are super friendly and take pride in welcoming every guest to the property. They love pats and cuddles, but please don’t feed them, trust us they get enough food!

Read more about the animals at Cross Park.

Even on a rainy day there's lots to do 

The Homestead will keep you well entertained rain, hail or shine. We have plenty of board games, cards and a boules set - perfect for the lawn by the pool. There's also a Nintendo Wii with some sports games you can play team tournaments (golf and tennis enthusiasts will be happy), and a huge library of classic and all-time favourite movies on an Apple MiniMac so you can have some movie marathons, plus Foxtel Platinum HD TV and a library of books.

A few important things to remember

We love when guests get involved with the animals, however please remember that any interactions are at your own risk. Whilst they are generally friendly, like all animals they can be unpredictable and children should always be supervised when near any of the animals. Guests enter the paddocks and interact with the animals at their own risk.


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