For those who live out their daily lives in the hustle and bustle of the city or even suburbs, escaping away to the country with the whole family is pure magic. Even more magical, is spending Christmas on the farm with wide open spaces, fresh air, friendly farm animals and endless ways to have fun and celebrate.

From trimming the Christmas trees both indoors and out to sipping on a steamy cup of apple cider to sitting around a crackling fire to setting out together for an early morning hike, there are so many ways to enjoy the holidays with your family in the country.

We at Cross Park love having a homestead full of guests, adults and children alike, and invite you to try your next country family holiday with us. We offer all the wonderful elements mentioned above plus so much more. Our accommodation is ideally suited to families, whether it is just you and the kids, or grandma and grandpa too, we have space for up to 10 people. There is a modern kitchen ideal for cooking Christmas dinner, a welcoming lounge with open fireplace and outdoor spaces perfect for games and activities. Our myriad of farm animals love the company of children and provide hours of enjoyment with petting, feeding, and even pony rides.

Find out more about the possibilities for your next family holiday in the country here at Cross Park.


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