Rich farmland, scenic settings, winding rivers, serene bays, riverside hamlets, sleepy townships, historic areas and national parks are but a few of the myriad of wonderful features awaiting you in Hawkesbury Valley.  In the midst of this idyllic setting you would never guess you were just over an hour out of the hustle and bustle of Australia’s largest city, Sydney. The area boasts a bounty of possibilities for adventure, discovery and relaxation.

Hawkesbury is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. The surrounding mountain ranges and six national parks offer near endless possibilities for hiking, climbing and camping. The myriad of waterways offer water play and sport activities galore including cruising the river on riverboat, houseboat or speed boat, canoeing and kayaking, water skiing and wakeboarding and so much more.

As one of Australia’s earliest colonial settlements, the area is rich in historical relevance. Many original structures are standing and will take you back in history with their long-storied pasts. The Old Great North Road once connecting Sydney and Newcastle is a must-visit location as it was built by the first convicts to the area. Other surrounding areas are steeped in European and Aboriginal history for those looking to delve a bit deeper into the region’s roots.

For those looking to get a taste of local culture, you’ll find a charming array of small towns, hamlets and villages waiting to be explored. A local gem is Wisemans Ferry village with a welcoming persona and every necessity you’ll require including a café, coffee shop, bistro, bowling club and golf range. It also boasts a working ferry that is a popular attraction.

For those wishing to vacation and stay in the area, there are many wonderful accommodations from which to choose. Included is our own Cross Park homestead with historical farmhouse and lush landscaped grounds, river access and working farm complete with farm animals running about.

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