For those who take great pride and attention in their horse’s care, luxury equine boarding and agistment offers premium care for the high-end horse. Agistment services are not all equal, for those more discerning equine owners, premium facilities and a full range of specialised services in an ideal location are a must. Whether you own an elite performance horse or a beloved retired steed, you’re sure to find the perfect agistment programme.

Facilities & Grounds

Luxury digs await your horse at our premium agistment facility. You’ll find outstanding clean and safe facilities with everything you desire for your horse, from hot water wash bays to well-kept arenas to pasture improved paddocks. A premium facility will be ideally set for a horse’s well-being and comfort in a rural location with plenty of open air spaces and well-kept grounds.

Offering & Services

A higher end agistment programme will offer personalised care and service to suit you and your horse’s specific needs. From tranquil and relaxed spelling options to full board feeding, exercise and grooming packages, your horse will get the utmost care available. Access to professional vet and farrier services are available, as well as quarterly worming programs, and manure management all run by our friendly staff.

Customisable and Specialised

Each horse and their owner are unique and will require a custom programme and specialised care suited to their specific needs. These types of specialised services can be found at the luxury boarding and agistment facilities.

Cross Park offers premium equine boarding and agistment, click here to learn more about our programme and facilities.


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