We believe that pets are part of the family - that's certainly how we feel about all of the animals at Cross Park. So why should those with pets be disadvantaged about where they stay? 

Well, at Cross Park that's not the case. 

We welcome guests with dogs to enjoy everything we have to offer on our beautiful farm. Dogs love the smells of the country, the chance to chase around without concerns about traffic, or the other distractions of the city. They really get chance to get 'down and dirty' at Cross Park. We can guarantee that they'll have a good time - but, we don't promise they won't need a bath at the end of their stay!

River access for swimming

We have our own private beach on the property and 3 kilometres of river access so cooling down on a hot summer's day is easy. 


Sensory experiences 

The wide range of animals on the farm will certainly keep their senses working. Our horses, goats, sheep, cows and alpacas provide them with lots of new smells to experience. 

Long walks on the farm, interacting with the animals and smelling everything to hand, swimming in the river, charging around empty paddocks - there's so much to see and sniff, your dog will be in paradise. 

All that we ask is owners are in control of their dogs at all times - the animals under our care on the farm are our first priority as you would expect, and it's important to ensure that they aren't put under any stress. But with 150 acres of land and large landscaped gardens in front of the homestead there really is space for everyone!

Our farm hounds are sure to say 'hi'

We have 3 farm hounds of our own that will certainly come and welcome you and your furry friend. They are enthusiastic greeters of all visitors, but tend to keep to themselves with the hard work of being a full-time Cross Park farm hound! 

Pet-friendly inside and out

When you're staying at either the Homestead, or the Dairy, you won't find any caveats such as 'pet-friendly if your dog sleeps outside'. Our common sense approach simply asks owners to be responsible for their pets, to look after the property and not cause any damage. 

A few pointers to make the best of a stay with your dog:

  • The property does not have secure fencing for dogs so it's important to keep your pet within your view at all times
  • Please take your dog with you if you are going out
  • Dogs must be under your control at all times. If they are not predictable around farm animals they will need to be on a lead when interacting with the animals on-site
  • Dogs are welcome to swim in the river from our private beach
  • Owners are responsible for all actions of their dog and for any damage caused whilst on the property
  • Please pick up after your dog on the lawn area of the property.

We look forward to welcoming you and your well-behaved dog to Cross Park. 


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