We offer a full board service for horses requiring full time care. Our programme offers private paddocks, daily feeding, rugging and monitoring. This option is fantastic for performance horses, weanlings and yearlings or horses who need special care. We often use these paddocks for pregnant mares, young horses and injured horses/horses recovering from injury. 

All the work is done for you, we will feed, rug and care for your horse as if it's our own. 

Come and see Cross Park for yourself - we know your horse with thank you for it. Arrange a site inspection by emailing enquiries@crosspark.com.au or calling Donna on 0417 232 801.

Your horse will receive the attention and care they need with our full board services. Full board services are ideal for:

  • Horses in work requiring daily feeding and handling.
  • Horses who are injured or requiring daily special care.
  • Owners who want to know that everything will be done for their horse.
  • Horses who cannot share a paddock with other horses. i.e. injured, young, pregnant, mare/foal, performance.

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