Finding the right agistment programme for your horse can at times be an overwhelming pursuit. With many factors existing that can affect your horse and your riding and enjoyment, knowing what to look for in agistment facilities and services is imperative. Of course, it will depend upon what you require - do you need full time care or do you have time to go to the facility and care for your horse yourself?

Here are the five must-have elements regardless of whether you seek full or part-time agistment:

1. Location, location, location. 

For your horse’s well-being choosing a facility in a tranquil rural setting is a must. For those who require full boarding and care, an agistment located further from your home won’t pose as much of an issue. If you plan to do most of your horse’s care yourself, you will need to choose one that is easily reached within a short drive.

2. Clean facilities and safe settings. 

Safe, clean paddocks with shade and shelter, hot water wash bays and clean tack rooms, and safe professional fencing on paddocks, day yards and arenas are a must. With all these elements in place, you’ll be able to rest assured your horse is comfortable and well cared for, while your experience when on the property is just as enjoyable.

3. Well-kept grounds with required features. 

Whether it’s the paddocks or round yard, you’ll want to make sure the grounds are well-kept and make sense for the way you like to ride and train your horse. Are the arenas in good shape and clean? Do the size of the arenas and yards meet your requirements?

4. Wide range of agistment offerings. 

A well-rounded menu of services is a must for any agistment. You’ll want to be able to select those that work for your requirements. Look for those with services such as spelling / group turnout, semi-private night yards and group pasture day paddocks. Other features include pasture improved grazing paddocks and private full board. And there's also specialised care - daily feeding and rugging, professional vet and farrier visits, tack storage, wash bay and float hire to consider. The list really can go on and on.

5. Expert staff. 

To feel comfortable with your horse’s care on an agistment facility, you’ll want to know that there are kind and knowledgeable equine professionals on staff at the agistment. When visiting a potential agistment ask to meet those who will be caring for your horse. Ask to see their credentials or ask about their backgrounds. Knowing your horse is in competent hands will provide great peace of mind. Meet our team

No matter your horse’s and your own requirements, finding the perfect agistment for you can be done with a little fore-thinking and preparation. We hope the above tips are helpful in your search!

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